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DAWG initiates programs and services to help the community with the care of their pets. It is DAWG’s belief that such assistance may reduce the shelter animal population with special spay and neuter programs or short term assistance. These services and programs may be long or short term at DAWG’s discretion and funds available.

    (775) 901-9596

DAWG’s Community Assistance (CA) program helps primarily low-income, veterans and active duty military Douglas County residents keep their pets healthy by assisting with the cost of veterinary and other care. 

Community Assistance

(775) 901-7666

Do you have an adopted rescue dog that is struggling with some pretty significant behavioral issues such as dog reactivity or aggression, separation anxiety, extensive destructive behavior, incessant barking, resource guarding, or are your dogs in your household not getting along with each other*?  DAWG created this program to help you and your dog with the hope that the dog remains in a loving home and reduce the chance that the dog will be returned to the shelter or worse.   This is a very hands-on program so we are asking dog guardians to commit to working and learning with their dog and the trainer.

Dogs that qualify for this program are dogs adopted from a shelter or rescue and reside in Douglas County (NV). Some restrictions and qualifications apply.  The first training session is free and depending on income, this program will cover additional training.  These will be either one-on-on training sessions or classes depending on the particular dog and their behavior issue. This program will use force-free, positive reinforcement training methods and professional trainers as recommended by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

*Please Note: This program is NOT intended for minor and common behavior issues such as jumping on people, loose-leash walking, house training, digging, puppy socialization, etc. DAWG offers a training voucher program for adopted Douglas County Shelter dogs only with these issues.

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(775) 901-2821

Get household family cats or dogs spayed/neutered. Program for qualified low income, veterans and active duty military Douglas County residents. Low income criteria required (Medicaid, unemployment, food stamps, NV checkup, low income housing, wage stub, WIC, reduced/free school lunches, income tax return, social security or disability). For Douglas County residents only. Proof of residency is required. Vouchers cost $25 for cats, $50 for dogs and are accepted at Carson Valley Vet, Quail Ridge Animal Hospital and Animal Medical Services. Call for more information and to obtain an application.

Happy Family with Pets

   (775) 901-7666

Get your household family Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix spayed/neutered through DAWG's voucher program. Voucher copay of $25 includes spay/neuter. No low income criteria required. Proof of Douglas County residency required. Visual verification of breed required. Call for more information and to obtain an application.



If you find a cat/kitten, please contact Douglas County Animal Care & Services at 775-782-9061.


Currently, there are cats turned away from the shelter due to lack of space. Unfortunately, some individuals, trying to do the right thing by bringing found cats/kittens to the animal shelter, are unable to surrender them right away. This program arranges for short-term care of found stray domestic cats/kittens (not feral) pending admission to Douglas County Animal Care and Services when these people are unable to take temporary custody of the cat/kitten.

Found cats


DAWG pays for the majority of medical needs for shelter animals and transports animals occasionally to the vet. DAWG also assists with some spay/neuter/adoption costs for shelter animals, including Veterans assistance.

Veterinarian with Dog


Get your free roaming and feral cats spayed/neutered FREE through DAWG's TnR program. To qualify you must be a Douglas County resident and the cats must reside in Douglas County. You can borrow traps and learn tips/tricks for trapping at Douglas County Animal Care and Services located at 921 Pinenut Road in Gardnerville. No limit to number of cats. Cats will also receive their rabies shot and tipped ear to easily identify them as fixed during spay/neuter process. Please call to learn more and get on the list to participate in TnR.


 (775) 267-7325

Military veterans who can provide either a VA card or honorable military discharge/separation papers can receive assistance for spay and neuter costs associated with adopting an animal from Douglas County Animal Care and Services. 

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